Online Creative Writing Courses


For over 20 years, the Writers' Studio has worked with everyone from award-winning professionals to complete beginners to help them realise their creative dreams. 

We offer online courses for those interested in writing short stories, novels, film scripts and screenplays. In all courses you will work with your personal online tutor.

Overview of our Online Writing Program

We all need to find our own way in the writing process. For some of you, our 4-Week Unlocking Creativity Online will be all you need to kick start your creative journey.

Please note: This course is a pre-requisite for all of our other programs and must be completed before joining any other course.

After completing Unlocking Creativity, you may choose to join one of our 6-Week Online Short Story courses. If you are ready to commit to the longer form and have a passion to write your novel or screenplay, you can join our inspiring 10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Online course where you work one-on-one with your online tutor to complete your first draft in 10 months.

On finishing the First Draft course, you can either do further drafts with us or continue on your own. If, like many writers, you thrive on the structure, support and discipline our courses provide, you can choose to work through the entire process with us. We suggest you take it one step at a time and, when you are ready, see what works best for you.

4-Week Unlocking Creativity Online

Our pre-requisite 4-Week Unlocking Creativity Online writing course is a totally practical creative process where you learn tools and techniques to unlock your creative potential. You will work with your own personal tutor and your fellow writers to make your writing come alive on the page.

You will also gain a practical understanding of how to use character development and story structure to create profound and dramatic stories.

We run this ground breaking writing course regularly throughout the year. It will dramatically improve the quality of your writing from the very first class.

Unlocking Creativity is suitable for absolute beginners, professional writers and anyone in between.



6-Week Short Story Online Courses

Our intermediate 6-Week Online writing courses are for those of you who have completed Unlocking Creativity, wish to keep the creative process alive and further develop your writing and storytelling skills.

In these courses your tutor critiques every exercise and story you post.

The courses also offer ideal preparation for the 10-Month Novel and Script First Draft Online Course.

Each of the three Intermediate 6-Week Online Courses are run only once per year:

  • Writers' Gym in February
  • Character & Critique Short Story Course in June
  • Genre Short Story Course in October 



10-Month Novel & Script First Draft Online 

Do you dream of writing your novel or screenplay but are overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, especially if you're working full-time?

Even if you don't have a clear idea for a story, this online course provides you with a step-by-step process that breaks the writing of your novel or screenplay into manageable bite-sized chunks, enabling you to complete your first draft in 10 months.

You will work one-on-one with your own personal tutor, develop a deep and practical understanding of the art and craft of storytelling that will have your readers wanting to know what happens next while taking your main character on an emotional and spiritual journey of change.

The comprehensive online course materials and our exceptional online tutors will provide you with the structure, accountability and support you need to help you create the best story you are capable of writing and get that first draft down and on paper.

This is an incredible feat in itself, as 95% of people who try to write a first draft on their own, never finish.

If book directly into the Novel & Script program, you receive our pre-requisite Unlocking Creativity course complimentary.



Beyond Novel & Script First Draft

The Second Draft Course provides a step-by-step process that allows you to work through the re-writing and re-structuring of your first draft systematically so that it works dramatically and logically from beginning to end.

The course is significantly different to the First Draft. You have more control over your story and are able to delve much deeper into your characters and add many more layers.

Most people totally transform their stories in the Second Draft, taking them to a whole new level when they get the action, character arc and theme all working together. You can expect at least a 200 per cent improvement on your First Draft in this course.

The Third Draft Course is where you focus on the writing and learn the art and craft of re-writing and editing. It is where all the hard work from the First and Second Draft courses starts to pay off as you see your writing come alive on the page, an extremely satisfying part of the process.

Scriptwriters go to straight to Pathway to Production for Scriptwriters.